by morgane santos

Tenebra is a VR experience built for Google Cardboard. I used Unity, Maya, the Google Cardboard SDK, and Xcode to build it. I created Tenebra as part of the Gray Area Incubator and publicly showcased it in October 2017.

Tenebra is a meditative experience that anyone could access anywhere, anytime. There is no goal in Tenebra. It is merely a space for you to breathe, relax, unwind.

Tenebra explores two ideas: that technology can heal us the same way nature does (by providing calming experiences); and that technology based on femininity, tenderness, and softness is powerful.

My process involved note taking, interviews, tutorials about lighting in Unity, writing about what I learned from those tutorials, failed experiments, broken builds, sketching, coding, debugging, Googling error messages, testing, iterating, creating a physical space for the experience, presenting it to people, and talking about my process which involved note taking, interviews...

If you have any questions about the project or are curious about getting into VR yourself, don't hesitate to reach out.

Tenebra Tenebra