0. What's all this then?

28 April 2020

Hello and welcome to my blog (?)

I’m writing because, well, why are any of us doing anything right now? Coronavirus has changed everything. It’s all we can think about. It’s a banal thing to say right now but there it is! Everything is different and it sucks!

The only way I’ve been able to find any stability in my life has been to journal every single day. All I do is write about my whiny little feelings, the people I miss, the people I actually don’t miss at all and am glad to not see anymore, the new hobbies I’ve picked up, my creative attempts at dating when everyone has to stay 6 feet apart, how god has completely abandoned us, etc.

I’ve noticed a few themes in my writing, and I thought maybe it’d be fun to explore them some more, and maybe it’d be fun for other people to read them, too? No one’s forcing you to read this though so if it’s not fun you should close the tab right now. Life is miserable enough right now, literally don’t let me add to it.

But if you do want to keep reading my ~diary~, here are some topics I think I’ll explore soon:

and so on. You’ll be getting some raw, uncut Morgy, and maybe you’ll relate to some of what I write, or maybe you won’t at all. So yeah kind of a meaningless statement there. Well. Alrighty then. Click here to subscribe for updates?

P.S. I had to dive back into web development (ugh) to put this blog together and everything about it sucked and honestly, computers are a prison. That’s just my personal take on it but it’s true. So on that note if anything about the CSS is wonky or something, do not even bother to tell me, I DON’T care and I WON’T be fixing it.